Q: Is this for real?

A: Yes.  I was about to plant flowers in the pot of ferns on my front porch but found a slug in the way.  For weeks I watched its behavior eventually becoming attached to the little creature.

Q: What kind of slug is it?

A: It’s a banana slug (Ariolimax columbianus) of which there are three varieties.

Q: Are banana slugs bugs or animals?

A: They are members of the animal kingdom animalia; phlylum: mollusca; class: gastropoda.  Gastropods include  snails ,slugs, abalone, limpets, conch, nudibranchs, sea hares, and sea butterfly.

Q: Are you a biologist?

A: No. This blog contains my observations and anthropomorphic fantasies.  Some of my observations differ from what scientists report.  My slug stayed in the pot for months.  Occasionally it left for a few days (during really hot weather), but it always came back to the pot.  The babies developed in the pot and the slug remained with them (could be coincidence).  Other slugs visited (perhaps for mating) and left, but my slug stayed.  Although slugs are hermaphrodites I wonder if one gender can be a stronger tendency than another in each slug.  My slug seemed more “female” than “male.” But, that’s just an opinion.

Q: Are slugs dirty?

A: My slug often left the pot to go potty. I observed this many times, which made me wonder if it was intentional.

Q: It’s just a slug, why do you call it a pet?

A: Because that’s what I consider it.

My pet slug: "Gassy Mollusk"


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  1. Brett

    There are a ton of banana slugs where I live on Victoria Island. I go for a 5 km jog and I’ll see 20 of them. Some of them are huge. Some are totally black, some are totally beige, and some have different patterns. I usually pick them up off the trail so they dont get smooshed as I’m jogging through. Theyre so big I find them fascinating. I’m moving at the end of this month from BC Canada to Ontario, I’m thinking about trying to bring a bunch of them there, and introduce them to that habitat lol Its a 5 day drive, and would be tough for them to survive, but I might try with 5 galon water bottles. :) Thanks for your little stories, they were cute, good job.

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