Surprise! You’re a Mother or Father or?

July 2011

After dinner, on a delightful July evening, I strolled out the front door to check on my little mollusk. I dropped some lettuce into the slug-less fern pot. Hmmm…wonder where it’s gone to now. I scanned the vicinity and found it crawling up the wall behind the pot. You know those double takes characters do in animated cartoons?  That was me at that moment. Next to  my pet slug was its mini-me.

What?  I looked back into the pot.  On top of the  lettuce were four more mini slugs.  My pet slug had kids?  I didn’t know whether to break out the cigars or flush them down the toilet.

What would I do with a pot of slugs? I mean, watching out for one slug was weird enough, but taking care of  xxx number of slugs? Perhaps it was time for a mental exam.

I ran back into the house. “Bob, Bob, come see.”

“What? I’m kind of busy here – the Mariners are playing.”

“Oh, Bob.  This is better than the Mariners. Come see.”

He followed me out the front door. Two eye-rolls and a loud sigh later, he spoke, “Hmmmm.  What are you going to do now?”

“I don’t know. It’ll take a while to get used to the idea. Weird, huh?”

“Yes you are!”

“Not me, silly, our pot full of slugs.”

“OUR, kemosabe?”

I picked up a piece of lettuce and examined the babies.


What the Slug Says!


Took a stroll with one of the kids.

*Note to readers: We’re catching up on the pet slug history. When we reach current time we’ll post a daily slug pot report – read on — it gets better. )


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