Ding Dong…Slug Calling

June 2011*

I tossed and turned last night mulling over how to catch you up on the amazing goings on in the slug pot. (It’s been nearly five months since discovering my pet slug.)

So many things have happened since May. After the driveway episode, I began dropping a piece of lettuce into the slug pot once day. I check on and photograph the slug twice daily. Don’t get me wrong — it’s not that I’m attached to the little slime machine — I’m just keeping a daily visual record.

The slug moves around a lot. Sometimes it snoozes in the pot. Sometimes it hangs out on the wall near the pot.

One busy day, I didn’t get around to visiting the critter until noon. Thank goodness I did —  it was poised to repetitively ring the bell until I brought out food.


I tossed a piece of lettuce into the fern pot and went back inside for thirty minutes.


Wow!  That was fast. Note to self: Learn how to use the stop watch in your iPhone.


What the Slug Says!


I woke up ravenous this morning.  Where was that darned red-top pinky?  My blood sugar was plunging. I started shaking and couldn’t think clearly.  I noticed a protrusion on the wall above me and inched up to see if it was edible.  Just as I was about to bite into to it, my pinky brought me lunch.

*Note to readers: We’re catching up on the pet slug history. When we reach current time we’ll post a daily slug pot report – read on — it gets better.


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