Samesies or different?


May 2011*

The slug was still there the next morning. Suddenly I remembered a few years ago, on  my way out for an early morning walk, I had snapped an iPhone picture of a big slug on our recycling bin. Could it be the same slug? How many years had it been living in the pot? I ran inside and grabbed my phone. I know this sounds weird. It does to me, too, but I bent down and snapped a shot of my slug. [My slug?  Why was I calling it “my slug?”] I’d compare it to the old photo and see if it was the same slug.

My slug.


The other slug.

Doesn’t the “recycling” slug look like it’s reading?  Well, one thing was clear; my slug and the recycling slug were definitely not the same slug.  Also, odd, my slug was hanging out on the fern instead of sleeping on the dirt. That was new.  Then something even odder happened  (I’ll blame it on season affected disorder or redheaded stepchild madness.)  Like one of my twitter friends who snapped a photo of the bridge outside her condo every day, I decided to take a picture of my slug every morning.


What the Slug Says!

I don’t know what to do about Red-top Pinkie.  It’s really starting to bug me.  Because of it, I have to rush home every morning  to read the paper.  And the staring.  WHY does it stare at me?  Jealous?  Poor thing is so ugly. Today it stuck a big orange rock in front of me.

Orange hair and rock invading my personal space

Oh, for the good old days when the pinkies didn’t know I was here.

*Note: will post until we catch up to current date then will post daily slug pot report – it gets better. )


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