The Camera Loves You, Baby!

While I wait for banana slugs to emerge from hibernation, I’ve been experimenting with a macro shots.

Banana slugs are large enough to not require a macro lens, but the little non-native slugs who are still active are much more interesting in close ups.

Work it, Love. Beautiful!

Make up please, we need a little powder on that tentacle.

Sweetie, you don’t have a bad side. Just lovely.

Hold that pose, doll.



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4 Responses to The Camera Loves You, Baby!

  1. Petra

    Lovely macros again.

    I wonder if you’ve read the book Sound of a Wild Snail Eating. It focuses on the shelled little cousins of sluggies, but is a lovely read for everyone, but especially for people who find these tentacled creatures fascinating.

  2. Julee Blake

    I loved reading your blog.

    The banana slug is the official mascot at UCSC where I went to school. It must be a slightly different species, as it is usually a rather brilliant yellow and eats (or so I’m told) the detritus on the floor of a redwood forest.

    • Our banana slugs are Ariolimax columbianus (Pacific banana slug) yours are Ariolimax californicus (California banana slug). I’ve never seen one of yours in person. Time to go on Slugfari in Santa Cruz!

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