Late Fall, Less Slugs, Lots of Goodies

In the fall it becomes more and more difficult to see slugs in the forest.

Colorful leaves provide cover for them to hide under and blend into.

However, when I see a toadstool or mushroom, nine times out of ten there is a slug nearby.

Especially little slugs.

Sometimes they appear to line up and wait their turns.

Or share a toadstool.

Very often, when I import shots into Photoshop I find slugs that I hadn’t seen when I snapped the shot. (There are three in this shot.)

That’s one on the lower left hand side of the toadstool.

I snapped this for it’s texture and color variation. When I imported it into Photoshop I saw the little slug in the center of the shot.

Sometimes I get lucky when I peer down into the forest floor.

Or glance behind a log.


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