Slugs with Spots

Spots are like monograms on slugs. Each spotted slug’s spots are unique. A few weeks ago while on slugfari, I came across a slug in the forest that looked like my pet slug (who left the front yard in October and headed toward the forest.) In Photoshop I examined photos of the wild slug and my pet slug side by side.

A photo of my pet slug…

and a photo of  the slug sighted in the forest directly behind our home.  After comparing their spots, I determined the forest slug was not my pet slug. But, this little exercise demonstrated the unique coloring of each spotted banana slug.

Some have spreckles.

Some have splotches.

Others have polka dots.

Or connected dots.

This slug appears to have beauty marks.

And this one’s top spot is diamond-shaped.

Some have faded spots.

Or dollups of spots.  Stay tuned for slugs without spots.


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