Slugs and Mushrooms

Slugs love to eat mushrooms. When I import slugfari photos of toadstools or mushrooms into Photoshop, I often discover little tentacled surprises.  As I was shooting multiples of the first photo, a little head popped up.

Tiny toadstools on a large moss-covered fallen tree/log. Look for a surprise in the next shot.


A head appears…

Full appearance.

The view from above.

On the same day we saw more mushrooms and slugs.

Slug Sunday brunch.

Same log, more feasting.

And on a dead stump next to the log, more slugs and mushrooms. Can you see the two slugs?

Delightful little guy.

Getting ready to eat.



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  1. LoveSlugs

    Man, some of those are tough to spot. My pet sluggies are currently dining on some mushrooms we had in the fridge as I read this and they seem to be enjoying themselves

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