Come on Slugfari with Me!

Today I take you on a tour of my daily slugfari.

The path starts with a pond. For two years beavers made dams here.

Heading into the forest.

The path winds around and climbs.

The trail follows follows a creek, that along with the sounds of migrating birds above and the breeze rustling the leaves, serves as musical accompaniment. (No iPod music needed on slugfari.)

A family of squirrels chatter at us from the cedars on the left.

My beloved mystery animal hole.

Some day, when I feel adventurous, I’ll cross this natural bridge across the creek.

The trail is surrounded by a forest of cedars, firs and deciduous trees.

A pair of Pileated woodpeckers raised their family inside that hole in a tall dead stump.

Somebody lost their life here. Was the culprit a coyote? Bobcat? Mountain Lion?

This fallen tree is a treasure trove of toadstools, mushrooms, slugs, bugs and lichens.

Near the top, a bridge over the creek and a resting contemplation bench.100 steps toward the summit. Way more interesting than a Stair Master.

In addition to Oregon blackberries, we can feast on wild hazelnuts found along the trail.

A few more steps to the top…

where we’re rewarded with an expansive view of the Coast Range toward the west.

It’s different every day.

Then back down the trail to hunt for more slugs. Oh, look! There’s one now!

Slugfari is joy!



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9 Responses to Come on Slugfari with Me!

  1. The idea of a slugfari is terrific. Thanks for introducing a fun new nature term!

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  7. LoveSlugs(AndForests)

    What park is that? Its gorgeous I’d love to visit one day

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