What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate.

May 2, 2011*


It poured the next day.  I stepped onto the doormat, picked up the newspaper and peered into the  pot.  The slug was still languishing on the soil between the ferns. I stuck my nose as close to it as possible, “This is MY pot and I want it filled with flowers NOT slugs.”

Even the coyotes roaming the streets ran off when we yelled at them.

“Look here, you.  Time to move on! Scram! Shoo! Skedaddle on out of here!”

The little brat didn’t look up, acknowledge me or even move. Great, a passive aggressive slug. I looked closer at what was probably its head — no ears.

The slug was still there.

How does one communicate with slug?  I considered scooping it up with a hoe and tossing it into the garbage, but as a bleeding-heart nature-lover I decided to wait it out.  Eventually the little critter would move on.


What the Slug Says!

That darn pink monster has no respect for others’ privacy or personal space.  It got so close today I could smell it. Then it vibrated at me. It has no idea who it’s dealing with.

How would you like to look up and see this monstrosity.  Scary, huh?

Red-topped pink monstrosity

You can pick your home but not your neighbors. I’ll just stand my ground and be patient. Eventually, it will move on.

The slug wouldn't budge

Holding My Ground

*Note: will post until we catch up to current date then will post daily slug pot report – it gets better. )


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