The New Slug on the Block

Since my pet slug disappeared, I’ve been fostering the baby slugs it left in my fern pot.  I’ve watched them grow larger and larger and eventually leave the pot to fend for themselves in the cold cruel world.  Although there are still a few babies left among the ferns, I am plunged into sadness every time one of the little guys sets out on its own.

“What will I do with myself when there are no slugs in the fern pot?” I’ve developed empty pot syndrome.

To keep my mind off my sorrow, I’ve been taking daily slugfaris and exploring slugdom.  One day, hello, this adorable, personable guy showed up on the front porch.

Not just once, but six or seven times — five days in a row!  It’s curious and not at all shy — in fact, it mugs for my camera and iPhone.

My pet slug was between 8 – 10 inches long.  This little guy is between 4 and 5 inches.

Napping one evening after a long hard day.  I swear if he had a thumb it would be stuck in his mouth.

He’s downright perky!  I don’t know if he was just hanging around for a few days or if he lives nearby, but it’s been great having him drop by every so often.


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