Ten Kinds of Slugs Found in Cubicles

  1. Snoozer Slug: Distinguishes itself by being able to sleep while sitting facing the computer screen.
  2. Passive Aggressive Slug: Slows down when on deadline.
  3. Social Slug: Meanders around socializing instead of working.
  4. Giant Slug: Eats and drinks non-diet coke all day. Only gets up to go to the bathroom and go home.
  5. Slinky Stinky Slug: Bathes once a week.
  6. Surly Slug: Solitary slug. Avoids others.
  7. Top Slug: A boss who takes credit for underlings’ accomplishments and blames underlings for failures — does nothing.
  8. Slimy Slug: Regularly makes unwelcome sexual advances to other slugs.
  9. Sales Slug: Self important, trickle down slug. Talks loudly and must be the center of attention.
  10. Bug Slug: Spends most of its time emailing silly links and pictures.




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